10 May You don’t need that Expensive DSLR When you are starting out.

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I have been teaching Photography and Street Photography for over 6 years now and I have noticed a growing trend. The amount of people turning up on my workshops with the best top of the range kit with out a clue how to use it worries me. On one hand I understand that if you can afford it why not have the best ! But on the other hand would you take your driving test in a Ferrari ?

Photography is a life’s journey and there are no short cuts to a life of learning, but some people are convinced by having the best camera helps.

One of other issues that crops up on my workshops is when people switch from a DSLR to a mirrorless Camera they can’t work out what the Exposure Triangle is so it’s the first thing I get asked along with “what settings do I use ?”

I always remember a heated argument on Facebook from a few years ago when a professional photographer said “amateurs just ask questions, Professionals just get on with it” it caused quite a row but the statement was very true, love it or hate it he was correct. The fact is quite a few professionals don’t have a clue either and have been winging it for years or as so many say “fake it until you make it” it’s quite easy to get a DSLR out of the box and stick it on Auto, with a little bit

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