11 Nov Yorkshire with the XT-20 and XF27mm

Source: Michael St. Jean Photography

In May 2017, my wife and I visited friends in Yorkshire. We love the North of England but had never adequately explored this region. For me I spent one day in York on the way to Scotland back in the late 1980’s during my year abroad in the UK. My wife, born and raised in the south of England, passed trough Yorkshire during a family trip to the Lake District.

But instead of writing about traveling with my wife, visiting friends, and exploring a marvelous region of a marvelous country, I am going to reduce the entire experience to the camera and lens combination I used.

Before the trip, I posted on the DPreview Fujifilm forum my intent to travel light and take just the X-T20 with 27mm lens and the X70 on week long holiday in Yorkshire. Some thought this a mistake. The general consensus was I should take my 14mm and 18-55. It was suggested that the X70 is not wide enough and the 27mm is not a landscape lens.

The strange thing about stressing about what gear to take on a trip is that ultimately it did not really matter. The X70 was certainly wide enough and the 27mm made for a wonderful landscape and general purpose lens. In fact, based on this latest travel experience, if I had to choose only one camera and one lens for all future vacations, the X-T20 with 27mm would be it. I found it to be a very versatile and discrete combination. Below

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