28 Jan XOXO X-Series

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

Have you ever get this feeling when you look at your amazing photos that you have shot with your Fujifilm cameras? All the colors and film simulation, its soooooo……I don’t have a word for it. But if there is a word, its certainly going to be a pretty positive one.

Of course there will always be some naysayer. That is the reality of life. There are no perfect camera system in the world but I do know Fujifilm X-series camera makes me wanna pick up my X camera and keep shooting. That makes it really special, right? Its a another feeling that I couldn’t put a word for it. And because of this feeling of “wanting” to pick up the camera to shoot, through time that will eventually hone our skill close to perfection. That is another plus point for X-series system.

As I look back this last three and half year of shooting with X-series, I started with an X-Pro1 to the current GFX; its been an amazing, beautiful and wonderful photographic journey to me. Here is sharing some portraits that is taken with these amazing cameras with Fujinon lenses. Which is your favorite set-up?

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