25 Jun XF90mm the Sharpest XF Lens?

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

Just gotten a new black bag. What better way than to load it with some gears to see how well this bag is. Since its black; I loaded a X-Pro2, XF16mm F1.4, XF35mm F1.4 and XF90mm F2. Stealth mode ON! ( yes, I was dress in all black too, except for my white Converse.)

My set-up for the day.

Like my new bag?

Its a Saturday and together with my wife and daughter we headed for Gardens By The Bay for a lovely afternoon. With these 3 lenses I thought I would have gotten everything covered. A wide, standard and a mid tele lens. Among this 3 lenses, the XF90mm F2 is my least use lens. Its second to none when it comes to sharpness. And I wonder why its my least used lens. I guess it could be the size. I would usually take my XF56mm APD over it. Because of this; I decided to just mount the XF90mm and shoot the whole two hours with it. I just tell myself that I have forgotten to bring all my lenses and the XF90mm is my only lens. Did I survived with the XF90mm as my “everyday” lens for the last 2 hours? As one is “force” to work with what you have; I am rather please that I mounted the XF90mm. Here are some shots to share and I must say the XF90mm is a really a mighty lens!

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