13 Oct XF50mm F1.0 WR vs XF56mm F1.2 APD

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

After the global launch of Fujifilm XF50mm 1.0 WR; I was smitten by this lens. What not to love, F1.0, WR, quick AF and reasonably price.(At least for a F1.0 lens with AF) My grand plan was to sell my XF56mm F1.2 APD to fund the new XF50mm F1.0. 

My question is how much “better” is the XF50mm vs the XF56mm APD? I really don’t have any scientific answer to this. Firstly they are technically pretty close but different in focal length 50mm vs 56mm. ( 75mm vs 84mm)
As always I need at least one reason why I should upgrade? I shoot quite a lot of portraits in my area of work. The XF50mm is certainly not as sharp as XF80mm or XF200mm. Having said this; it’s still a one of Fujifilm sharpest lens. I love how the bokeh renders in the background. It’s basically smoother and very creamy. Thus renders a more beautiful shot. Below a few shots by XF50mm and also a couple of comparisons shots. Remember these comparison are not scientific but more for the fun of it and hopefully gives you a bit of understanding of how this 2 lenses.

X-T4 + XF50mm F1.0 SOOC ( Eterna Bleach Bypass )See how beautiful XF50mm F1.0 renders. The right photo is a zoom in shot of the left. X-Pro3 + XF50mm F1.0. The below a zoom in shot of the above. <img data-attachment-id="15828" data-permalink="https://ivanjoshualoh.com/dscf0666a/"

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