02 Sep XF33mm F1.4 WR, First Impression.

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

There is only that many lenses one could own. Secretly, we all dream we could have them all. And that main reason is to help us eliminate our precious time of reading reviews after reviews. Am I right? I own both XF35mm F2 WR and the magical XF35mm F1.4. Now with the arrival of XF33mm F1.4 WR, where does this lens sits? 

The build quality of this lens is similar to relatively new XF18mm F1.4 WR lens. A very well constructed lens. It has a 58mm diameter. Which makes it bigger in size versus the 52mm diameter for XF35mm F1.4 and the much smaller XF35mm F2 WR which only has a diameter of 43mm. In regards to weight, XF33mm F1.4 is definitely the champion in this arena. Base on my wife’s green kitchen scale, it’s about 350 grams.


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