03 Nov XF23mm : One Lens Wonder

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

As the year draws closer to an end; so is my daughter’s 4th and last year in St James Church Kindergarten. Today I had an opportunity to be one of the five parent volunteers and join her and her 23 other classmates on this last excursion of the year. The venue is Goodmen Arts Centre. Today, they have an opportunity to experience clay sculpturing, pottery and a visits to many Art installation around this center.

The bus ride to Goodmen Arts Center

Clay Sculpture teacher explaining how to “build” a clay teddy.

My gear for the day is a X-Pro2 and a XF23mm F1.4. I guess this is all I need for today. Sometime one lens could really do wonders. And XF23mm is definitely the gold standard. I am thankful that I could spend a morning documenting this event. Here are some pictures to share.

A group shot of half the class.

A fellow parent volunteer who uses a X-T2. woohoo!

Sleeping Beauty.

Here is a video shot with my iPhone 6s. Enjoy :


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