19 Jul XF10. Big Capabilities Compact Camera.

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

XF10. Yes, its smaller than a X70. The bad news, it’s just a tad. Maximum 15% “slimmer”. Again, X70 wasn’t that big to begin with. I have been putting it into my pants’s pocket and I feel nothing. Which is good news.

This new 24MP APS-C compact camera is crafted for street photographers who wants a small camera in order to be Mr. Stealth. As we know being stealth is not just wearing black and having a small black camera. XF10 has 18.5mm focal lenght with a F-stop of F2.8. The design of this camera is modern, sleek and simple. If I were to color all the white text on the top plate to black, it’s really beautiful. Do note XF10 doesn’t house a X-Trans sensor and that is not a deal breaker for me..

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