05 Aug XF 18mm F2 R, where’s the love?

Source: Fujifilm Insider

We’re halfway through 2017, why am I writing a review/post about a mediocre rated lens that came out in 2012? Because it’s not mediocre, it’s fantastic.

Like most Fuji shooters I didn’t give much thought to the XF 18mm when I first got into Fuji. Most of the mainstream reviews had luke-warm to downright bad opinions about it, some even calling it Fuji’s worst lens.

Thankfully I listened to a few of the quieter voices out there and gave the 18mm a shot because I loved the 28mm FL on my 6D and a7S and I wanted something similar in size to the XF 27mm that I already had, but with an aperture ring… the extra stop of light was an added bonus.

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