19 Jul XF 16-80mm F/4 OIS WR Officially Announced

Source: Fuji vs Fuji

Much earlier this morning, Fujifilm officially announced their compact 5× standard zoom lens, the XF 16-80mm F/4 OIS WR.

Spec-wise, it’s a pretty enticing lens. I have every intention of adding this to my roster, and depending on how it performs optically, travelling with it instead of the XF 16-55mm F/2.8 WR (Review). The reason for that quite simply comes down to size and weight.

Size and Weight

You’ve likely already seen the size comparisons, but I’ve been hoping for the weight difference to be equally, if not more appreciable. Let’s have look in chart form:

Weight in grams

Not too shabby. Fuji’s claims about being about 40% lighter than DSLR versions of the zoom seem pretty accurate. It shouldn’t go unstated that f/4 on APS-C doesn’t have the same design challenges as on 35mm/full frame when it comes to keep size and weight down.

New Levels of OIS

Reaching 6 stops plus technical shutter vibration reduction, and tripod detection, which Fuji claims will “adjust its performance to provide optimum image quality.” That’s pretty cool. I can’t count the number of times I’ve realized OIS on my lens is on when mounted to a tripod when it shouldn’t be.

Ideal Travel Lens

It’s not quite my dream landscape travel lens, but I can’t help but be eager to

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