06 Jul X70 and the Milky Way

I decided to drive 2 hours north of the city earlier this week to seek out some dark skies and the Milky Way. Unfortunately by the time I arrived at my destination it was already dark and I couldn’t scope out interesting foregrounds. On my next trip out I’m going to make sure to arrive with some daytime to explore and plan.

In case you are wondering I went up to Osprey Valley Conservation Area. Unfortunately the path into the area looked overgrown so I stuck to a dirt road for the most part.

I took a number of shots with my X70 and XPRO2 with 23mm F1.4 lens. This one below was my favorite. I pulled off to the side of the road and placed the X70 on the ground with a mini tripod. Yes that’s my Fiat 500L in the foreground… loving that car! (but that’s another story)

For exposure I used the Lonely Speck Milky Way exposure calculator. It can be found here . For a dark sky finder click here .

Settings were ISO 3200, F2.8 and 13 sec exposure. I did process the image in Lightroom to bring out the stars more.

I’m loving this little camera. It’s very capable and super small. I wish I had not forgot the wide angle adapter for my X70 at home or my photo could have been a little more epic!

For comparison, here is one shot with my XPRO2. ISO 1600, F1.4  and 10 sec exposure.