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This article is based on my personal preferences for setting up the X100T with firmware version 1.10. For users of any of the older two cameras, this guide overall should prove helpful.


Before we start, make sure you have a freshly charged battery installed and a hot cup of coffee (or whatever else you prefer) nearby. Also check your firmware version. Press and hold the DISP. BACK button while switching the camera on and the firmware version will be shown on the rear LCD.  If outdated, please follow the instructions from the Fujifilm website to update it.

​We need to also make sure that were starting from scratch by doing a factory reset. Navigate to the blue SETUP-UP menu and select RESET>SHOOTING MENU RESET> OK and then navigate to RESET>SETUP RESET> OK. Now that the camera has a fully charged battery, been updated and reset, let’s start configuring the camera.



FOCUS AREA> There are 5 sizes to select using the rear thumb wheel from largest (size 5) to smallest (size 1), with 3 being the default. From my experience so far, I find size 2 great for my everyday shooting style offering tremendous precision though most people I know prefer 3. If however you are finding that AF seems slow, especially with the older X100, then try 4 or even 5. Size 5 is less critical in its judgment, so offers very fast AF and reduces the chances for hunting.
NOTE1: If FOCUS AREA is unavailable, check whether you are currently in FACE DETECTION mode.
NOTE2: When you are adjusting an AF point, you can quickly set it to the default size by pressing on the rear command dial (Focus Assist button)….

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