08 Nov X100F – The Storyteller

Source: Fujifilm Insider

For me, it started four years ago with the purchase of a refurbished X100. I bought it as a day to day camera, something I’d have on me always to capture the odd scene whilst my Nikon D90 would remain my workhorse project camera. Needless to say, in a matter of weeks the D90 began to gather dust and the X100 with its beautiful colour film simulations became the camera for hitting streets at home and abroad – and for gathering the material for my small town America project. A couple of months later, the D90 was traded in for its bigger brother, the X-Pro1, and I never looked back.

It’s funny though, despite falling in love with the Fujifilm X system I never got quite as big a kick out of the X100T as I had from the X100. Perhaps it was the X-Trans II sensor. Though it had the film simulation Classic Chrome working its magic, the files seemed less organic, less real to me than the X100’s traditional Bayer array and the first-generation X-Trans 1 sensor found in the X-Pro1. I wasn’t too sure about the waxy smoothness of the skin tones either. So despite the improved speed and controls of the X100T, it didn’t capture my heart the way the older model did. I shot with it often, but I didn’t feel moved to wax lyrical about its virtues. I respected it, but I just wasn’t in love.

Then the X100F came knocking…

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