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A quick one today—a post I promised last week. For those who don’t know, all the images in my X100F review and essays were processed in Lightroom—the way I always process my images, both raw and JPEG. It’s not due to any fault of the camera (the F or anything else) or to correct mistakes: for me, it’s an essential part of the workflow, something I do systematically and actually enjoy. Part of the interpretation if you will. I’ve touched on this here if you’re interested.

But I thought I’d share untouched images to show what the camera is capable of “on its own”. I’m also including a couple of side by side comparisons: in most cases you’ll notice the processing is both minimal and entirely based on personal preference; the SOOC images could totally stand on their own.

I have two sets of images for you: the first is a series of very quick frames I shot around the house knowing I wouldn’t process them; in other words, they were shot for this very specific post. The others were taken with my usual workflow in mind. I mention this because that knowledge—that images will be processed afterwards—does change how we approach the capture. That said, these are all JPEG, not raw; which means headroom is much more limited and we need to be aware of this in the field—i.e get as close as possible to a final intent….

And again: all images were shot with a prototype X100F. Full production camera should be here soon.

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