06 Nov X100F Images at f/2 in Low Light

Source: Fujifilm Insider

One of the reasons I obtained the Fujifilm X100F camera was to have a smallish camera with good image quality for what I refer to as lifestyle photography and I often like B&W images.  In addition, I find that I have been looking more at things, etc. that are closer.  Some photographers comment that the X100F creates soft images up close at f/2 so that is one thing I have been checking out.

I made a series of ACROS jpeg images (below) at f/2 in poor lighting conditions and fairly close.  The above image is a crop from the first one.  In addition, I didn’t use the focusing aid light since I like to photograph without drawing attention.  I find that the X100F hunts when focusing under these conditions, and yes, the image is often blurred a bit, but I like the soft character of these images; in fact, I love the out of focus roll-off of the light when using ACROS at an aperture of f/2 …

X100F Images at f/2 in Low Light posted on Fujifilm Insider on .

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