25 Aug X100F field review: in detail

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Testing of the X100F continues, and by now the camera has become my daily companion; it already feels like an old friend. It’s so simple, intuitive and effective to use that it always feels familiar.

Here is a number of remarks and thoughts from my ongoing daily use:

What about the lens?

The prime change for the X100F compared to the previous models is the adoption of the newest 24mp sensor, also used in all the latest X-System cameras. A serious concern voiced by a number of people was if the existing 23mm f2 lens could be “good enough” for the upgraded sensor.

Short answer: it is.

Unfortunately, such discussions always lead to comparisons to other lenses, in this case, the 23mm f1.4 and the compact 23mm f2, when used with X-System cameras. This is rather frustrating since it doesn’t take into account the special characteristics of the X100F lens, such as the ultra low-profile design and leaf shutter.

From my part, I’d say that the lens doesn’t “hold back” the camera in any sense. There is no apparent loss of detail or resolution compared to the system 23mm lenses. Could Fuji make it better by introducing a new design? Perhaps, but we have to strategically think about it: this would mean more development time and significant delay in introducing the camera. Not to mention increased development cost. There is another reason I think Fujifilm decided to not proceed with a totally new design, but I’ll keep my thought for the conclusion to this ongoing report.

Lightroom users would be glad to know that the latest version supporting the X100F also features lens correction for the RAW files, which take care of any minimal distortion and vignetting.

Yes but what about close up lens performance?

This is something I was curious to check on account of hearing about it since the first X100. Turns out it’s nothing as dramatic as I believed it to be. Yes, there is relative softness at f2 when shooting at the closest focusing distance, and it’s a behavior this lens shares with the 23mm f2 “Fujicron” lens. When it emerges, I, personally, don’t find it particularly annoying; after all, at these distances OOF areas are also soft and, in general, the center is sharp enough (especially after some processing). Here is an example photo and there are similar ones in the various galleries included in this report…

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