22 Oct X Trans Sensor Cleaning – Fuji X-T2

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Fuji X-T2 wet sensor cleaning is not for the faint hearted but the location and accessibility of the sensor is far more convenient than you will find on a digital SLR and the process although daunting at first is actually fairly straight forward with the right tools.

Fuji X-T2 Sensor – ‘The Patient’

Arctic Butterfly 

Regular visitors may have read a recent post in which I recommended the excellent Visible Dust Arctic Butterfly Sensor Brush as a good next step beyond bulb blowers for Digital Camera Sensor cleaning. I cautioned against not keeping the bushes clean as oil from the sensor chamber can get on to the filaments and will smear onto your sensor.

I didn’t follow my own advice and added some smears as well as dust to my new (ish) Fuji X-T2 I was not helped by the fact that my Arctic Butterfly is the larger size (I used to have a Nikon D800) and this makes cleaning the smaller APS-C X Trans Sensor trickier.

Clean your Arctic Butterfly

It is a good idea to keep the filaments of the Arctic Butterfly clean. This is easily achieved with a few drops of Sensor Brush Cleaning fluid and distilled water.

Wet the filaments of the Arctic Butterfly in Distilled WaterAdd around 5-10 drops of Sensor Brush Clean (8ml) by Visible DustLeave for 30 seconds and rinse thoroughly in distilled waterLeave to dry Sensor Swabs – Wet Cleaning the X Trans Sensor

This weekend it was time to reach for the sensor swabs and carry out some…

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