06 Sep X-T3. Fujifilm Finest.

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Feels like yesterday that I have gotten my X-T2. But its been 2 years. In the electronic world new products roll out quicker than we could fully utilize our current product. As for me I have and I am here to share my experience with the new X-T3.

Retrolicious. Beauty with substance.

X-T3 with the new chunkier hand grip.

Beautiful craftsmanship.

As I am writing this X-T3 blog post I realize almost all the details of X-T3 can be found in Fujirumors! I am screwed; what is there left to share? I am not going waste your time with the details specification of the new Fujifilm X-T3. All you need to know it house a 26MP APS-C X-trans BSI sensor. No IBIS; which is fine. As a X-T2 user myself I would believe many would like to know what is the main improvement in X-T3. Here is my non technical mini review.

XF56mm APD. ISO80, 1/250 F3.2 Lite By Profoto 8A.

XF10-24mm ISO 80, 20sec F22.

XF8-16mm @8mm. ISO200, 1/15 F22

XF16-55mm ISO 80, 1/850 F4

Auto focus. Damn its amazing. I first mounted my classic XF35mm F1.4 on it. Boy, this camera did some sorcery and this lens feel faster than before. Wow. The AF on X-T3 is certainly a notch up even with older lenses. I think its even faster than X-H1. The face and eye detection is way faster and more accurate. Eye detection is even available in AF-C mode. Portraits, Wedding and …

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