04 Dec X-T20: A Lot Of Love In A Small Package

Source: Fuji Love

As a retired media teacher I have been very fortunate to be able to travel extensively and photograph many different places. In my early days I would load up my lead lined film bag with 25 rolls of Kodachrome film and pack my Nikon F3HP with its 60-300mm lens into a rather large Lowepro Magnum bag.  I dragged this heavy gear recognizing that this was part of the travel photography experience. When I returned back home I had to wait the usual two weeks before I could see my pictures for the first time hoping that I had captured the images I envisioned. In 2006 I shelved film and switched over to digital photography in preparation for a year of teaching in Western Australia. Most recently I travelled to South America for 6 weeks to visit Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. For this trip I was looking to streamline my photographic equipment to make it easier to travel and still maintain image quality.  The idea of sitting at a street side café in Rio with my large Nikon DSLR on the table was not at all appealing.  Size does matter to me when I travel. It was time to take the …

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