28 Dec X-T2: The Game Changer

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X-Photographer strip BLACK

By Namour Filho

You might be asking: what’s the point of another FUJIFILM X-T2 review if reviewers all talk about the same things? Luckily for you, I wrote a different kind of review.fotoi%c2%81grafo-de-casamento-sp-namour-filho-04_-13To start, I need to talk a little bit about my experience with this camera. I’ve been working and playing with Fujifilm cameras since the X100S. During the past few years I’ve also shot with the X-E2, X-T10, X100T, X-T1, X70 and X-Pro2.Namour Filho _X Photographer_X-T2 images_0004.JPGAs a curious photographer who gives classes and lectures about the mirrorless revolution all over Brazil, I’ve also tried on Olympus, Samsung and Sony gear together with many a variety of lenses for weddings and portraits. I did this because, as an X-Photographer, I can’t be fully knowledgeably about Fujifilm without also experiencing other brands. I have had great experiences with DSLR cameras, too. I first used Canon cameras back in 2001, testing many different models and lenses.With that brief history, let me begin my X-T2 review.FotoÌgrafo de Casamento SP Namour Filho - 04_-6.jpgSeveral months ago, I put my hands on the X-T2 with the Vertical Power Booster. My first impression was that I would never use this booster: I hate weight and big cameras, but as I was going to travel for 21 days, I would have time to experiment.Namour Filho _X Photographer_X-T2 images_0028.JPGThe first part of my trip was Portugal. There, I attended a workshop group at “Quinta” in Viseu, a wine farm. I tried the camera in different situations: on hot days and situations of high contrast, on overcast days with softness, and also during times of balanced light. I began testing the advanced filters, film simulations, and the drive modes. namour-filho-_x-photographer_x-t2-images_0023I headed to Paris, where I shot in mixed lighting situations, such as: contrasting scenes and scenes at twilight in the

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