07 Jul X-T2 on the streets – the first look

As a street photographer, I have always favored the X-T1 over the X-Pro1 and the X-Pro2. I prefer the extended direct controls, a slightly smaller body and the articulating screen. Like all Fujis, once you have the camera set up the way you want it, there is barely need to go back to the menu again. This allows me to concentrate on shooting rather than dealing with settings. The additional drive and metering mode dials on the XT-1 further make the menu obsolete while shooting. A hybrid viewfinder never really mattered to me but I definitely appreciate the amazing EVF on the X-T1. Also, the articulating screen is an absolute key feature to me. I often use it to shoot in a Rolleiflex top down style shooting mode. In general, I believe in a pragmatic approach to photography. Use the right tool for the job enabling you to shoot the way you want. Whatever your shooting style might be, it’s about getting the shot. This is especially true for street photography as nothing is staged or can be recreated. Get it or it’s gone. So the stakes are high when you choose a camera to fit your personal style of street photography.

This is a review of the Fuji X-T2 for street style photography. I don’t focus on diagrams, technical analysis or charts. I let the experts do that.

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