07 Jul X-T2 arrives

Source: Don Craig

Fujifilm introduces another second-generation, pro camera

A funny thing happened shortly after I started shooting with the X-Pro 2. Fujifilm asked me to test a pre-production X-T2 and to submit photos for possible inclusion in promotional materials for the new camera. I was happily working with the X-Pro 2, not sure if I wanted to switch back to the DSLR-like body of the X-T2, but the opportunity to test the camera was too good to pass up.

As you probably know, I have been shooting with Fujifilm cameras and lenses since 2011. I have been an X-photographer since 2013 and have tested a number of cameras and lenses for them during that period. I have also worked on projects for Fujifilm, providing images and feedback on new camera models, including the X-T1.

In the case of the X-T2, the camera and battery grip were close to production quality. The firmware was another matter entirely. Given the nature of modern cameras, firmware accounts for most of their functionality. This is why Fujifilm has been able to provide so many improvements for their previous models and keep older models up-to-date. The flip side of that coin is that working with pre-production firmware can make shooting a challenging experience. This experience reminded me of working with pre-production software like Photoshop and Illustrator while I was at Adobe. The promise can seem a long way from what you are working with now…

Much to Fujifilm’s credit, the rapid improvements in the pre-production X-T2

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