09 Sep X-T2 AF-C Custom Setting

Source: Fuji Rumors

X-T2 will be finally in-stores. Perhaps, some of you have already have it in your hands.

When you have your X-T2 in your own hands, it will surely feel different from just trying it at the exhibition or in showroom. You’d attach your own strap or a soft shutter release button to have YOUR unique X-T2.

This is not just about the exterior. You are going to spend some time customizing the internal setting as well. Based on your experience, you will be spending time adjusting the Q menu and assigning film simulation modes and so on. But when it comes to the newly added AF-C Custom setting, you may have not had enough time to play around with it. Today, we would like to talk about the AF-C Custom setting so you can have your X-T2 optimized for you.

X-T2 AF-C Custom Setting on fujifilm-x.com
FUIFLIM X-T2 Focusing on fujifilm.com

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