24 Aug X-T2: 4K Movie Function

X-T2 sees many improvements in the movie recording function and its specification.
X Series is known for its high quality still images, but the movie recording was….well, not so much to get excited about. Movie quality was never up to the standard of the still images, and we at FUJIFILM were well aware of the fact. We tried to achieve the movie quality that couldn’t have been achieved with the X-Trans CMOS II and EXR Processor Pro with the new generation of devices.

Yes, the improvement of the movie quality had begun with the X-Pro2. And with the X-T2, the movie quality reaches the highest peak.

First, the sense of resolution is much higher. In order to have the 4K output, there are more signal input to the sensor. It is a technique generally called oversampling. To be specific, the input is at 14.7MP (5120×2880) for the output of 4K, which is 8.3MP (3840×2160). This is x1.8 more of signals coming through.

TXF lenses have high resolution performance to begin with. And they excel in performance in depicting the high frequency signals. With the 4K output that was generated through oversampling, you can definitely see the sharpness in the picture that only XF lenses can deliver…

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