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This is funny. I have collected the new X-T100 2 days ago. Due to work load I didn’t have the time to even open it up. Until I was just reading some FB messages and decided to surf FB for a bit. And I saw Fujirumor first leaked images of the new Fuji X-T100. Just out of curiosity I decided

to open the box and see if the leaked photos were accurate.

Lo and behold it was! Mine set was the graphite colored version. First impression was very good. Feels nicely weighted. Looks gorgeous and feels premium. Don’t take my word for it; if you have the opportunity please visit a Fujifilm showroom and check it out. I don’t have the specs at this point when I am writing. All I know it house a 24mp bayer sensor and not X-Trans. This model will sit above X-A5 and below X-T20. X-T100 comes with a kit lens which is the XC15-45mm lens. If you are looking at a entry level X-series with a viewfinder, X-T100 will be it. Budget X-series with some serious shooting power. 6 FPS, not bad for a entry level camera. 4K video and a X-series first; a screen could now flip sideways. Perfect for video vlogger. Here are couple of pictures of this new camera and I also decided to run a simple test of this bayer sensor vs X-Trans on the X-T2.

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