29 Dec X-Pro1, my hipster cam

Source: Fujifilm Insider

So here it is four years after its launch, and I now own an X-Pro1. Thank you Craiglist Guy for selling me your camera for $350. This reminds me that I can obsess all I want over the latest and greatest gear at a premium price…or I can wait until the shine is off, the item is a generation or two older, and I can buy it cheaply. This is the same camera that four years ago I watched with envy a Fujifilm promotional video with Zack Arias in India taking stunning images with the new X-Pro1 and I wished at that time I could justify purchasing one. The camera is still just as good (better with firmware!) now as it was then, but at a price easily justified.

I am using the X-Pro1 as my walk around “hipster” cam. This means I pretty much leave it dialed into B&W/R, with either the 27mm or 35mm primes mounted, and walk with it casually, yet confidently, slung over my shoulder, displaying my capable photographic tool and fashion accessory. At 50 with hair greatly thinning, I would never be mistaken for a hipster, but the X-Pro1 exudes such a cool vibe that I must appear larger, more attractive, and authoritative. “That man must have lived an amazing life, gone to exotic places, and lived adventures no one would believe” thinks everyone who sees me with my cool, retro, hipster cam. And they would be right.

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