07 Aug X-Pedition: Cuba

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Are you busy next January? I’ve been given the opportunity to lead a small-group photo trip to Havana, Cuba.

I was last in Havana in 2013, teaching for Santa Fe Workshops. But that was someone else’s curriculum. This time the program is ours to design, and we are planning a week of exploring, learning and lots of time behind the camera.

If that sounds like your thing, keep reading.

An Immersive Week

This is not the typical photo tour group, which invariably ends up as some version of a photo walk with everyone getting versions of the same pictures. I’m working with Focus On The Story, a D.C.-based organization for photographers. The trip leaders are myself and fellow journalist Joe Newman, whom I’ve known for over 30 years.

Our trip will be more of a small-team experience, and very photo-centric. It will include instructional time as well as plenty of time to explore on your own—or with a teammate, if you prefer.

We’ll always be out shooting at the edges of the day when the light is good, and at other times as dictated by the locations we have lined up. During the harsh light of midday, we’ll typically be in instructional mode. We’ll also be editing, comparing notes, evaluating what we can do better and preparing to go out and do it again.

Please note that this is not a lighting seminar. I am traveling very light—an X100F and a similar backup body just in case—and probably won’t even bring a flash. We’ll be more

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