02 Mar X-H1 Development Story #7 Autofocus | X Stories | FUJIFILM X Series

Source: Fujifilm Insider

We said in the past that there will not be an IBIS for the X Mount. We’ve said that because back then having IBIS meant compromises on the image quality. But now we need to correct the statement. The X-H1 has IBIS. We now have developed one that works without compromising on the image quality.

What makes an IBIS good? Precision is the key to make a good IBIS. The depth of field varies on the focal length, but generally speaking it is shallower than 5 microns for the light rays of F1.4. The image can get blurry when it is off just by 1 micron. The XF lenses have characteristics of clear separation between focal plane and defocus area. So the XF lenses will not be able to deliver its best optical performance if the focal plane is tilted even just by a tiny bit. The precision is needed to deliver the best result.

There are no concerns for cameras without IBIS, because the precision is achieved when the body is assembled at the factory. But for a camera with IBIS it’s a different story, especially with the 5-axis. In order to stabilize the image, the sensor surface tilts in pitch and yaw direction. To have IBIS that works, the precise position adjustment of the sensor surface is required for all the movement that IBIS commands…

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