19 Feb X-H1 Development Story #2 “Frame Pt.2” | X Stories | FUJIFILM X Series

Source: Fujifilm Insider

On this story, we will take a look at inside of X-H1 camera body. New devices make new features possible for a camera. And in order to maximize the performance, the installment of the devices plays an important role. X-H1 is more robust with thicker frame. It allows new devices, that were not possible for previous models, to be installed onto the X-H1 body.

One of the new devices for X-H1 is the Image Stabilization Unit (IBIS). Realizing the first IBIS to be installed on the X Mount was a big challenge on its own, but our top priority is image quality, so we aimed for the highest standard from the get-go. This was not only a challenge for the IBIS development team, but also for the exterior design team.

We will explore more on IBIS on later episodes, so we won’t write much here. To put it briefly, it is designed to give the best performance, but the best performance is not possible by simply mounting it onto the camera.
The IBIS unit is supported by endoskeletal framework. The framework has a complicated shape, so magnesium, which is excellent in workability, was adopted. The frame is considerably thick. So it itself is a solid support, but steel reinforcements are combined to further increase the strength. Even if the IBIS unit vibrates at a high speed, it will not move a tiny bit….

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