19 Feb X-H1 Development Story #1 “Frame” | X Stories | FUJIFILM X Series

Source: Fujifilm Insider

“Professional use” sounds very attractive, not only for the users, but also for the manufacturer. We can even say that this is what product planners like to think about most of the time. Why? because most items on the agenda get a pass, even if they appear unreasonable or irrational. We must try our best to meet the demand of the professionals. Developers, who have been put with the unreasonable or irrational demand, look surprised. But they don’t look puzzled, because they, too, love to take the challenge that they face.

In the series of articles, we will explore the development of X-H1 and learn how the camera evolved. Let’s begin with the story on the frame of the camera.

Recently, when a new model is announced, the spotlight is usually on devices such as sensors and IBIS units. Not much of attention is given on the exterior and body design. It seems as if the camera is weather resistant, then that is all we need to know about.

However, from the camera designer’s point of view, the exterior design is far more crucial than devices to realize a camera for professional use. When we say exterior design, we also mean body construction and framework. Unless the camera frame is durable and robust, none of the new devices could be put onto the camera….

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