27 Jan X-E4. Fujifilm’s Best Street Camera?

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

I think the X-E4 is gonna win a Design Award.

The life of X-E series have always been a roller coaster ride. With some success and there are few moments it’s production life is also on the chopping board. After technically 4 generation, it’s still alive and kicking. X-E1, X-E2, X-E2s and X-E3. I am never been a fan of this model and have never own a unit. Through the years I begin to realize there is a pretty huge cult following of this camera. 

Hood from @squarehood and Hot shoe cover from @fujifanboys_Taiwan

I wonder what is the attraction? The size and the price? It’s certainly X-series smallest interchangeable camera. Perfect for street photography. Maybe its the design that didn’t catch my eye. 

Strap from @hyperion_camera_strapsHotshoe cover, soft release shutter and leather keychain from @Fujifanboys_Taiwan

When I first received it, its like any X-E series. It didn’t stir any emotions in me. After sometime of using it I begin to see some light in this camera. The design concept has some similarities of X100V. The highlight would be the flush-in back LCD. This is a

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