15 Jun X-CAPISM, A journey of creativity with the Fuji X-System

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Me, Myself and I
My first love and introduction to photography started at a young age where my dad used Minolta film cameras for all our holidays where he enjoyed street scenes, especially in Asia. This carried on in to Art and design and my own first camera was a Lumix compact where I used to take pictures of derelict buildings and street shots of run down things – these I used for art projects at school on social challenges.

Fuji X100F . f/2.0 . 1/200″ . ISO 1600

After leaving school and studying engineering the cameras were put to one side and it wasn’t until I turned 29 that I decided I wanted a new hobby of escapism. I felt my creative side was being diminished and starved which led me to feeling unfulfilled at times. I followed quite a few photographers on Instagram and my intrigue was fuelled.

I purchased a Nikon D7200 along with a Sigma 35mm 1.4 art lens (50mm cropped) without hesitation. On this, I practiced shooting portraits, landscapes, travel and of course street photography. The latter captured my imagination far more the I envisaged and I began to work upon this more and more.

An introduction to the X-system
At 30 years old I decided I needed a break away from my career and took a 3 month unpaid trip to Asia. 3 weeks each in Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Japan. Although I enjoyed using the Nikon for the previous year, I knew how much of

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