06 Feb WYSIWYG & A B&W JPG Photographic City Walk

A Return to Simplicity

I am a RAW shooter. That is no secret. Most of us are in fact. But… I think somewhere along the way I’ve come to rely too much on processing and lost a little bit of the thrill of taking a picture and just accepting what the camera gives me. Or to put it differently, deciding completely on what the photograph will be before hitting the shutter button.

Don’t get me wrong… RAW is wonderful. I see a ‘photo’, I capture it and I can recreate (or reimagine) it any way I want. But there is something alluring in the simplicity of setting your camera in JPG mode and B&W and just shooting a scene. It’s you, your subject and a moment in time to take the photo locked forever as the camera ca-turned it.

The other day I was downtown with my daughter for a walk and dinner. I decided to do just this… put my X70 in JPG mode and attempt to capture photos that I would not edit. Well, other than cropping. I almost succeeded. I only minimally edited and sharpened some of the shots I took.

I loved rediscovering this experience. The simplicity. The excitement of what you see is what you get.

Mind you… it was cold. And windy. At least -10. So I didn’t take many photos, but thought I would share what I did and the experience in general.

I’m thinking of starting a weekly photo challenge based on this…