20 Jul WTF Instagram!

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I really don’t get it ! I joined Facebook to have a laugh with my friends and post images and let off steam and keep in contact with relatives etc slowly Facebook changed all that so I could not see what my friends were doing and then they just fed me adverts and politics !!! So I left ! There is no point in a social media platform that’s not social.

Then we have Twitter ! I joined to share my work and events and again follow my friends. That is now a news feed and lots of adverts and politics. So again I left.

I joined Instagram because it was a really good photograph app and you could very quickly upload or create images put them in a gallery and follow all your friends work. Slowly Facebook have stopped you seeing your friends work and pumped our feeds full of adverts. Over the last few weeks I have noticed Videos taking over but even worse photographers with average to poor images are paying Facebook to promote their work !!! My feed is full of adverts and paid posts and I can’t see my friends work. Then we hear from the Instagram CEO they are not a photography App anymore but a video App !

I don’t mind video but why are Facebook trying to build a TikTok style app from a perfectly good Photography App !!!

The funny thing is the photographers are flocking

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