19 Dec Workflow in Exposure X4 Featuring Fujifilm

Source: Fuji Love

As photographers and creatives, we have a deep interaction with the process of making a photograph. We view and interact with a scene or a moment with the intention of capturing that moment in a special and unique way. We use our cameras as a means to convey our experience. The process moves beyond just the camera and lens, it also lies in the editing of the image or series of images where we can further display the mood, light, colours, and more. Back in 2013, I purchased my first Fujifilm X Series camera, the X100s. It was around this same time that I discovered Exposure. As someone who has always had a love of film, one the elements that drew me into Exposure was the multitude of film simulations within the program, early adoption of support Fujifilm RAW files and film simulations, and of course that it is a really awesome photo editor. Every image I share on social media or post on my website is edited in some way. Perhaps there are just a few minor changes or black and white conversions. Through a program like Exposure, I can push further, create more, and also have fun along …

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