10 Feb Work & Play with GFX

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

PART 1 : Work with GFX

Its indeed a privilege to shoot and test a pre-production GFX 50s. But today is special. Today maybe just another day but I get to shoot with a production GFX for a client. I just wanna see how its like shooting the Fujifilm new GFX 50s in a real world work condition. I have been looking forward to this day.

Today, I am shooting Bavarian food at Brez’n and my weapon of choice is the GF120mm F4 WR. Three Profoto lights is set-up to lit the food. A three feet octo soft box as the main light. A sliver beauty dish with honeycomb grid as the side kicker light and the third light with a standard dish to lit the back of the table top. Lastly a few small mirror acts as a reflector to bounce some light back.

Tethering on the GFX 50s works really well. I didn’t update anything on Lightroom. What ever works on my X-T2 set-up works with GFX. As with most commercial photographer; Capture One is our choice software. For my workflow I will tether via Lightroom in the background and open the files via Capture One. This is my only option at this moment as tethering is not available for Capture One. The delay for this option is about 15-20 second before I could view my first shot. I can’t complain much at this moment but I certainly hope Capture One…

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