13 Dec Winter on the beach in Brooklyn

Source: Valérie Jardin

Visiting Coney Island may seem like a crazy idea in December but I had such a great afternoon there last week.  It takes about 90 minutes on the subway to reach Brighton Beach from Harlem, it’s all part of the experience! It was not very cold for a December day, no snow in New York yet. But it was definitely cold enough to keep most of the tourists away, which was a bonus. 

I knew that Brighton Beach was heavily populated by Russian immigrants. Most came to NYC in the 40s and 50s. What I didn’t expect was to hear the Russian language almost exclusively. In fact, I tried to have a conversation with several of the elderly people who were out for a stroll on the boardwalk and several knew no English at all. This really shows how big and tight of a community it is and it really enhanced the timeless feel of the experience for me.

I quickly decided to shoot in B&W because there was very little color and I found monochrome fitting with the dreary Winter day. 

The amusement park at Coney Island was shut down for the season but crooner’s Christmas music was streaming from the speakers on the deserted boardwalk. It was quite an eerie atmosphere. So try to imagine Bing Crosby singing “I’ll be home for Christmas” as you look at the photographs below

Overall, I was one of the highlights of my week. Something new and unexpected in New York City and I love to

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