15 Jun Wild Wild West ~ USA Adventure 2016

Source: Pro Photo Nut

Part 1: The vista and landscapes of Americas mid West.

A year ago I had a vision of a road trip adventure in America that explored the brown bit (looking at the USA on Google Earth) that runs North to South from Montana to Arizona. Well last month I made it happen and here are a few frames that I shot on the journey.

Kit: Fuji X, 14, 16, 23, 35, 50-140, 100-400

Models: Arielle Jammy Fox, Chantelle Hole

01. Arielle Jammy Fox wears a dress I bought from a factory in China via Ebay. It was made for this trip and when it arrived I liked it so much I had another one made in green. You’ll see that one later in the set. The location of this shot is on private land in the Navajo Nation. All filming/ photography permits were bought in advance of the trip.

02. Top: Chantelle in the high desert of Arizona. Bottom left: A few of the crew; Fernando, Jim, Martin and Doug.

03. A secluded canyon on privately owned Navajo Nation land was our location for these striking shots. We had the place to ourselves and we saw nobody else for the two hours or so that we were shooting here.

04. Arielle atop a ridge in another part of the canyon.

05. The Grand Canyon is the best known, the most crowded and is really impressive. I’ve been there before a few years back and it still took my breath away when I got…

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