26 Jun Wild West Adventure 2017 ~ Pictures

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01. This was a special moment on our Wild West Adventure when Claire sang the Star Spangled Banner at the top of her voice into the hot wind of the Painted Desert.

Basic facts: We journeyed 1380 miles through Nevada, Arizona and Utah in 5 SUVs. We were 12 shooters, 1 non shooting partner, 2 tutors/ tour leaders, 1 logistics manager, 2 models, and we occupied a total of 128 hotel rooms. We started and ended our Wild West Adventure in Las Vegas.

Models: Lydia Cooke and Claire Rammelkamp
Tutors: Damien Lovegrove and Martin Hill
Administrators and planning: Laura Haskins, Blaise Parsons
Accounts and logistics: Julie Lovegrove

02. Our first stop on our epic adventure was this Santa Fe locomotive just off the Route 66. I lit Lydia in the top shot with a simple Godox AD200 fitted with 5″ reflector and grid (GFX50s, 32-64mm zoom, ISO 100, f/11, 1/125th second).

The Wild West Adventure strategy: Martin took half the group with one of the models and I took the other half with the other model. After 40 minutes or so the groups swapped tutors and the session was repeated. Each adventurer got to shoot every setup while Martin and I got to shoot half the setups each. Martin and then swapped models for the next shoot. What you see here are my shots from half the setups on the adventure.

Lighting kit: Two Godox AD200 strobes with 5″ reflectors and grids, Two Godox AD600BM strobes with 7″ reflectors, grids and diffusers. One Godox softbox and grid for

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