27 Jul Why Photographers Get Hooked On Fujifilm (Like I Did) – Resource

Source: Fujifilm Insider

I’ll premise this by stating that this article is in no way a paid post, sponsored article or branded content. Rather, it is purely editorial sweet-talk driven by personal experience, scrappy tech jargon (not my area of expertise, sorry gearheads), and my enduring love for Fujifilm.

But first, it’s important to share a little background on myself. Before working with Resource Magazine, I was solely a journalist with no photography experience. After my first day on staff—and about 10 obligatory whiskey shots (true story)—I was violently thrown into the mix and began not only reporting on the photo world, but cultivating a hybrid skill set that ranges from producing to art directing to shooting and editing. One of my initial, most memorable photo experiences was a one-on-one workshop with a night photographer, which was when I was introduced to Fuji. Since then, I’ve worked with and tested an abundance of gear, but no matter how great the latest piece of equipment, I always crawl back to my tattered old Fuji. …

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