02 Jun Why Not And Other Deliberations

Source: Olafs Photoblog

Thanks to a generous donation I was able to complete a major overhaul of my gear. The X100F remains my daily camera. The GFX system with the GF 45mm F2.8 lens and GF 110 F2.0 is now the key gear for my Renatus Project as well as other projects which require such visual machinery.

Having said that, I recently took out the brand new GFX on the streets of Vancouver. I didn’t have to wait long before I was poked with “street photography with medium format?!” Don’t get me wrong – it is a perfectly valid question!

Then I realized my photographic philosophy could be summed up in two words – WHY NOT?! When I started in landscape/travel photography and wanted to do street work, some of my friends warned me that such drastic changes in genre would get me in trouble. It was the WHY NOT?! rationale that allowed me to move on to a new way of seeing. Then, as I was shooting street photography, I started to create monumental negative spaces, blowing up highlights, using geometry as my frame or even a subject. All these decisions were scary and strange on occasion but they all led me to exciting new visual places. Indeed, WHY NOT?! has always guarded me from nullity and boredom.

So, by the time I head out with the GFX on the streets of Vancouver WHY NOT?! is already at the back of my mind to fight off those accusations of “You

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