16 Jan Why I switched BACK to the Fujifilm system

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By Scott Johnson

I first dabbled with Fujifilm WAY back in 2003 while working on a cruise ship.  In an all-film world, we were the first team to go digital with the Fujifilm S2 Pro, and I was really impressed with the quality, so much so, that when I started shooting weddings, I brought an S3 and for the first few years, this was the main camera I used at all of my weddings, but then I went full-frame and moved over to Nikon, and stayed there until the spring of 2016, and the arrival of the X-Pro2.

I’d been lugging around my D4s’ and a handful of prime lenses at weddings for a few years, and it was doing my back no good at all, but it wasn’t until I booked a wedding in the United States that I looked at changing my equipment. “Why change your entire wedding set-up mid way through a season for just one wedding” I hear you shout.  Well, the wedding was on top of a 5267ft mountain in the heart of Baxter State Park in Maine.


In fact, it’s the highest point in the entire state and voted by National Geographic as one of the world’s top ten summit hikes in 2015!  There was no way I was lugging my old system, lenses plus clothes, sleeping equipment, food and water in a single pack… and the option of a Sherpa wasn’t available!

I needed lighter gear.


I hired an X-Pro2 with a XF56mm 1.2 lens (as I heard from various photographers this was the best combination) for three weddings, as my original plan was to just hire a camera out there, then once I was back, carry on using the Nikon, but what happened took be by total surprise.  I shot the first wedding with the odd shot here and there with the X-Pro2, the second wedding I shot about half and half, and by the third, over 75% of the images I took were with the X-Pro-2 (I’d also hired a few other lenses by this point).

I was completely sold.  So much so, that four months after buying two new D4s’, I sold them, along with my entire lens collection and brought two X-Pro2 bodies,

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