03 Apr Why I Love Both Film and Digital Photography

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Film versus digital. This debate is something I’ve encountered in various photographic communities over many years. For digital photographers the argument is often about technology and convenience. For film photographers it’s often about slowing down and getting back to the basics. As a long time photographer who’s had the opportunity to work in the industry for almost 25 years, I have my own view.I started with analogue, survived through the transition from film to digital, and now seeing the resurgence of film photography again. I don’t believe one medium is ‘better’ than the other, no more than I believe that a specific tool can make one a better chef, woodworker or painter. My bet is on the photographer, not the camera or preferred medium. I honestly don’t care what I shoot with as long as I get the look I want. Sometimes the right aesthetic is with film, other times it’s with digital. On my latest trip to San Clemente California to attend a film photography conference, I decided to re-visit the famous San Clemente Pier. The first time I visited this spot back in 2017 I shot during the day and mostly with film. On my most recent visit […]

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