12 Mar Why Fuji? Which Fuji? What Lenses?

Source: Little Big Travelling Camera

FUJIFILM X-T1 (35.8mm, f/10, 1/3 sec, ISO200)

Since I switched to digital in 2002 I shot Nikon, Canon and Sony. In 2011 I bought a Fuji X100. This year I finally sold my last pieces of “non-Fuji” photo gear.

Here I try to explain what happened and why I finally switched to Fuji.

It all started with the Nikon D1 but I was a Nikon shooter before: F801 and later F100 in the old days where cameras had interchangeable sensors. Back then we called them film and they came in different sensitivities. I shot slide film so it was mostly ISO 50 or ISO 100. There was no IBIS and no OIS. I still managed to take great shots. A sturdy tripod was the key and camera weight was not important at all.

When my Nikon gear was stolen I switched to Canon because at that time there was no full frame camera from Nikon. I shot the Canon 5D plus 24-105L and 70-200/4L. Image stabilised lenses and a full frame sensor that allowed ISO 1.600 meant that I rarely used my tripods anymore. I also was delighted how light and small camera and lenses were compared to what I used to shoot with before. At that time I started to travel a lot for work to Eastern Europe. Of course I did not bring my still big DSLR so I was limited to small sensor compact cameras….


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