01 Mar Where’s The X-Pro3 Review? (Plus X-T4 stuff)

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The X-Pro3 and X-T4

I’ve been receiving emails from readers asking where the heck my X-Pro3 review is already?! After a lot of careful consideration, I decided to pass on the Dura Black X-Pro3→ I had preordered a few months ago, and I’m not sure if it’s a camera I’ll ever own, 1 as much as I’d like to. Part of this came down to budget, but the other part comes down the X-Pro3 simply not being the right camera for me.

How did the X-Pro go from being my favourite camera ever with the second iteration to something I can’t even justify the purchase of with the third? A bunch of reasons, cumulatively, and some of them are admittedly a bit retroactive.

  1. The “Hidden” LCD: More than enough has been written about this screen already. It caused a ton of controversy. I’m not going to say Fuji shouldn’t have done it—I still think something bold like this was the right call, and we should be thankful Fuji are willing to push boundaries in that way—but it’s not the right direction for me personally.
  2. The OVF magnification: I was really disappointed to learn about the move from a dual 0.36/0.6× to a singular 0.52× magnification, even if the OVF is better in all other respects. I previously recommended looking elsewhere if

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