19 Feb When you want to go further with your Fuji

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Only few years ago, Fujifilm photographers had the feeling that their super-tele needs in photography were not met by the Fujifilm lens range.

The amazing XF 50-140mm F2.8 was more that an essential necessity, for both portrait and landscape photography. When the XF 100-400mm lens arrived, the wildlife and sport photographers were pleased and the need for tele converters was only natural.

So Fujifilm made 2 weather resistant tele converters, one with 1.4 X magnification and the other with 2.0 X magnification. The maximum reach, if you want to go farther in focal lengths is by using the XF 2X TC WR combined with the XF 100-400mm lens, resulting an impressive 800mm focal length on Fujifilm’s APS-C sensor, which is remarkable.

Ben Cherry shows us some examples in his photography, using the Fujifilm’s tele converters…

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