31 May When Thank You Is Not Enough

Source: Olafs Photoblog

Over the years I have met fellow photographers, artists, publishers and media executives and I often sense their nostalgia for the old days when many people could make a decent living from photography and find support and funding for their art projects. I often hear: “Nobody cares about photography anymore.” There is no question that it’s difficult to fund any project, let alone a photographic one. But when I shared this concern I found I was proved wrong!

I have always believed in people. After my health problems and the subsequent kidney transplant my wife and I encountered so much kindness and generosity even from people we had never met before. I would like to  share some stories which are hard to believe. Today let me tell you two of them.

When I was in the intensive care unit fighting for my life for almost six months I was connected to life-saving equipment, unable to move, talk or interact with the outside world. I had to rely on people around me to guess what I needed and take care of me. It was a horrifying and humbling experience. Then, Valentine’s Day arrived. Early in the day one of the cleaning ladies approached my bed, put a Valentine’s card by my bed and said, “Olaf, I see how much your wife loves you and fights for you every day and night. I know you cannot buy her anything, you even cannot say I love you. I bought you a Valentine’s card

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