17 Aug When Colors Rule on the Street!

Source: Valérie Jardin

Some photographers decide to shoot all in black & white or all in color. Although I do prefer B&W for the most part, I also know how to recognize a subject that would lose all interest in monochrome. Sometimes the color is such a big part of the story that removing it would almost be a crime.

I used to shoot RAW and made the final decision in post processing, but this year I’ve only shot JPEGs and embraced the limitations. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that I was making the decision to put a roll of color or monochrome in my camera and lived with that decision.

I do believe that shooting color is often more challenging, you have to be more aware of the many distracting elements that can overpower your subject. Making quick compositional decisions to tell your story while eliminating distractions from the frame before you press the shutter is a balancing act.

I made a selection of recent pics to illustrate that colors often rule on the streets!

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