18 Dec When a friend inspires you…

Source: Ian Macdonald Photography

I’d like to change direction this week and talk briefly about hope, inspiration and how we can use our work as artists to enrich the lives of others.  To do this, I need to start by talking a little bit about my friend, Valérie Jardin.

Valérie and I first met a few years ago, when I was a guest on her podcast.  Since then, we have spent time in Vancouver together at a workshop, I have been a guest on her podcast a few more times (and guest hosted her show once) and we have chased each other around Paris (and missed each other every time we tried to connect I might add).  We’ve had lengthy phone conversations, but have also gone months with just the occasional message on social media… such is the nature of friendships in these busy days.  As a long time educator, I have always been inspired by her drive and her efforts to share and to educate.

You see, in many ways the journey that I am on is the same one Valérie is also on, we are just in different places along the road.  I first met Valérie when I was at a crucial and decisive point in my career path and her advice and guidance was exactly what I needed at the time.  While this advice was invaluable, I think I have been inspired more by watching her own growth:  sold out workshops around the world, worldwide photowalks, one hit podcast after…

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