08 Jan What’s your expectation as a photographer?

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Do you remember that first real camera that you picked up and thought, photography, I might give this a go. We all remember it, for some of us it’s a while ago but for others, it’s a fresh memory.

My first ‘proper’ camera was a Nikon d200, I wanted a Canon but the cash wasn’t there at that moment, so, Nikon it was. I remember picking up a second hand Sigma flash and Manfrotto Tripod. I was ready to take on the world – with my one 18-70mm lens… I had dreams of international flights, shoots in Hollywood and a garage full of fast bikes, Harleys and old Triumphs. It quickly turned out that I was drinking the wrong kool-aid and was brought back to earth with a bump. So what should my expectations be for the First Day, First Week, First Month, First Year or First Decade?

For this, I am building from the idea that this is your first ‘real’ camera.

First Day // Where are the buttons

Most likely, the first day has been a while coming and you will know what you want to do with your camera. You will know if you are planning a hobby or if this is a new look at a new way of earning. You will most likely know if you are headed to Uni or just going to read some blogs and watch some Youtube videos.

After doing your updates, and learning where the buttons are, read the manual and look for any fun stuff to have a play with. Maybe set the right date, WiFi settings – if it has some. Download some apps that might be worthwhile – such as the Fujifilm apps, if you have a Fujifilm camera etc.  Maybe sign up for Instagram with a new photography account or start to think about how you are going to share your journey.  Your first day is going to about learning the camera and trying to fit all your new kit in your camera bag…

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